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Our experience with Uventex has been incredible. Their professional, customer-oriented approach has provided unprecedented training while leading us toward a comfortable transition to Uventex software. We highly recommend this company for taking all Sport Karate events to the next level!

Tony and Donna Lopez, NBL Promoters
Yellow Rose Internationals San Antonio, TX

About us

Every day at uventex is an opportunity to enrich the way you enjoy your next event. We bring technology to every aspect of event management, revolutionizing the experience and bringing the oomph back.

MYuventex.com is much more than a register button on a web page! We fashion the environment where every achievement is recognized in real time, where sponsorships reward the fine sportsmanship, where every event organizer focuses on the sizzle they never had time for.

There is nothing in the world like it!

promoter from Parker, TX

Our Solution

Complete event management

At uventex, we are very proud to present MYuventex.com, a full event management solution. MYuventex.com is much more than a "register" button. MYuventex.com is where techology meets event management.

  • unlimited online training
  • automated bracketing
  • ring assignment optimization
  • automated tabulation and ratings
  • data analytics
  • registration
  • check-in at the door
  • e-commerce reports
  • financial reports
  • e-mail marketing campaign

Beyond the "Register" Button

  • Efficient and user-friendly
  • One family – one account
  • Trail of results
  • Security of stored data and payments
  • Organize with efficiencies and controls
  • State-of-the-art scoring system
  • Competitor ranking and tabulation

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